Insurance is a safety net, and it is always good to have a contingency plan for when unexpected events happen. While the majority of tenants take good care of rental properties, there are always exceptions to the rule. This is why landlords need to have the right insurance cover should they find themselves in a situation of dispute.

The truth is many landlords don’t realise that their standard home and contents insurance policies don’t usually protect against malicious or intentional damage by tenants or the failure to pay rent. This is where landlord insurance comes in handy.

A landlord insurance policy covers the following:
• Malicious or intentional damage to the property by a tenant or their guests
• Theft by the tenant or their guests
• Loss of rental income if the tenant defaults on their payments
• Liability, including any claims against you by the tenant, and
• Costs involved in taking legal action against a renter

When shopping around for landlord insurance, the best policies on the market allow NIL excess and for 15 weeks’ loss of rent and cover any legal expenses relating to personal injuries to tenants or malicious damage done to an investment property. In addition, some policies will also cover contents that could be damaged or stolen – this is particularly important if your investment is partly or fully furnished.

Terri Scheer is Australia’s leading Landlord Insurance Insurance specialist. Where most other insurers include landlord insurance as an add-on product, Landlord Insurance is all that Terri Scheer do. For more information visit or phone 1800 804 016. Rent Revolution can also set up a policy for you.

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