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  • 1. I would like to know more about your services

    Please click here to contact us, we will be happy to forward you a detailed property management prospectus

  • 2. How much are your fees?

    Please contact us to discuss - click here to contact us

  • 3. How often do I receive my rent payments?

    At Rent Revolution we make disbursements to your account, on a weekly basis - every Friday!

    With our ‘state of the art’ property management software, statements automatically get emailed to you and you can login to your ‘Owners Portal’ here

    Some of the things landlords can now access through the portal includes:

    • The current financial status of your properties

    • All historical statements and copies of attached bills

    • All general scanned documents attached to the owners folio

    • Photos and details for the property and tenancy

    • Financial activity graph

    • Activity summaries for jobs and inspections

    Also, at the end of each financial year, we prepare a detailed annual statement of income and expenditure for your property. This service is provided free of charge, to assist you with record keeping for taxation purposes.

    Click here to find out more

    **If your tenant pays on a weekly basis, you should receive rent once per week. If your tenant chooses to pay fortnightly, you will receive funds fortnightly.

  • 4. Who pays for water?

    The Residential Tenancies & Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 allows owners to pass on water consumption costs to their tenants. Certain criteria under the Act must be met before full water consumption charges can be recovered from the tenants. Tenants have one month to pay a water consumption invoice. Click on this link (RTA Water Charging Fact Sheet) for the RTA Fact Sheet regarding water charges or contact us for further information

  • 5. Smoke Alarms and my property?

    Landlords must ensure their rental property is fitted with the required number of working alarms complying with Australian Standard 3786:2015 and installed as outlined in the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Part Additionally, the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service Amendment Act 2006 has been law since 1 July 2007. Under this legislation, landlords or agents must test and clean each smoke alarm within 30 days prior to each tenancy change or tenancy renewal.

    Landlords or agents must also replace each battery that is flat or almost flat and must replace the smoke alarm before it reaches the end of its useful life.

    The legislation prohibits the transfer of this responsibility to the tenant.

    To protect you from fines and potential litigation, we must obtain proof in writing that your property/ies comply with current legislation.

    Non compliance is not an option. Smoke Alarm Solutions is the best solution.

    Smoke Alarm Solutions is the largest and most professional smoke alarm service provider in Australia, offering a service with an annual fee of just $79 or $99 per property with free alarms in most cases. They will attend your property as often as necessary during the year to ensure your property remains compliant.

    Please contact us for more information

  • 6. Updating Your Details

    If your personal details including banking details have changed, please let us know by filling out the following form:

    Client Advice to Agent - Change of Details

    *Please note that all listed owners of the property are required to sign before changes are applied.

  • 7. Why choose Rent Revolution?

    Please contact us to discuss - click here to contact us

  • 8. How do I decide what my property will rent for?

    One of the best ways to find out what your property should rent for is to compare it to similar properties currently being rented, or that have just been rented, in the same area.

    Our property managers are trained to negotiate the best rent increase possible without costing you a good tenant. In the end, market forces will determine exactly what amount of rent you achieve.

    Click here to get a FREE rental appraisal


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